Artist Statement


My work runs from representational to abstract, using mixed media, acrylics and fabric sculpture. I’m attracted to the different surface textures one can achieve with fabric, gesso, gels, pastes, and like experimenting with different techniques. My color schemes are usually bright hues, lots of blues, unless the concept dictates otherwise. Sometimes my work is spontaneous, and other times I must reflect deeply before beginning.

As a passionate, emotional, sometimes political painter, I’m often moved by a scene, an image, photograph, memory or deep feeling from which I develop a concept.

The natural world inspires me, striving to paint places that are beautiful, meditative and God-like. My Sky Dreams series and Coastal series, reflect an attempt to capture an image and elevate it’s spiritual qualities.

I love to garden and the textures and beauty encountered in this tactile hobby, also influence my work.

I’ve also been fascinated with the interplay of textures, light, curves, shadows and the occasional use of fabrics when used to depict clouds,beach, water and the human figure. Currently, I’m creating a series of Bedtime scenarios that tell a story or present a mystery, and  coastal beach and water landscapes that bring back summer memories.  Commissioned portraits are a favorite activity, especially those done of children.

My goal is to capture an emotional, sometimes mysterious quality in my work. Always, my aim is to move the viewer of my art and to leave the viewer wondering.

Fran Friday